Sunday, 15 April 2012

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Ranbir Kapoor Rockstar

Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role of Jordan in Rockstar. Recently Ranbir Kapoor shoots many scenes of Rockstar in Prague. So far we are not sure about the story of movie but it will be light romantic movie. With legendary A.R.Rahman as music director and Imtiaz Ali as director this movie will be big hit of Ranbir Kapoor in year 2011.

Luckily Aditi and Nargis have no scenes together in Rockstar."I'm happy with the part I finally got in Rockstar. I am the narrator who connects Ranbir's character to the audience. It's a part like Rani Mukerji's in 'Veer-Zaara'. I play a young journalist. The chemistry between me and Ranbir is… well, you will have to see it yourself," she said.

Apparently Aditi has powerful scenes, but the film's publicity will be designed to spotlight the Ranbir-Fakhri pairing. Hence the orchestrated stories of a real-life relationship between the hot new pair.

                                                              Ranbir Kapoor wallpaper

                                                               Ranbir Kapoor new look

                                                           Ranbir Kapoor rockstar movie
                                                                   Ranbir Kapoor in gogal

Ranbir Kapoor Photo 

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